We are planning our 2021 dates & events!

Smell the lavender in the air as you pick, feel the warm sunshine, observe the busy bumblebees and enjoy a cup of refreshing lavender lemonade!

The cost is $10 per bundle.

You can bring your own scissors or borrow a pair of ours.

All visitors should wear sunscreen. Also, please be aware that there ARE bees. The bees are generally calm, they will not bother you if you do not bother them.

We will have timeslots for you to reserve ($1 per person reservation) for one hour. This will allow us to limit appropriately to allow for plenty of room for social distancing and full enjoyment of The Lavender Field during its peak season!

We will be offering pre-picked bundles for curbside pickup, both fresh and dried lavender.

We will also have some other lavender products for sale, baked goods and our popular lavender lemonade!

Half our farm is filled with Lavendula x intermedia, Phenomenal & Grosso varieties.  These stunning plants produce large crop, with more long floral spikes than the true lavenders. Many varieties are grown solely for essential oil production, as they can yield over five times as much oil as English lavenders.

The balance of the field is filled with English lavender or Lavendula augustifolia, a cold-hardy species that does well in our climate zone 6, with mild summer heat and long hours of daylight. The sweet fragrance of the true lavenders is ideal for culinary use, and the aroma and quality of the essential oil they produce. Several varieties are popular landscaping plants, and are also used for fresh and dried bouquets.

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